South Jersey Trail Plan

Developing a unified brand strategy and project priorities for the trail network in South Jersey.

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UCS worked with the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO) to advance the development and deployment of a unified brand in South Jersey.  Beyond a logo and a tag line, UCS identified priority trail projects and build a customized bicycle-friendly community toolkit to help local municipalities capitalize on the growing South Jersey Trail Network.    



Southern New Jersey’s bicycle trail network is uniquely positioned with a wide variety of diverse natural and cultural assets perfectly suited to advancing bicycle tourism throughout the region.  UCS Principal, Dan Suraci was engaged to lead this marketing and communications strategy with the goal of transforming the area into an international destination for bicycle tourism and a hub for regional bicycle recreation.


What We Did

UCS principal Dan Suraci led a comprehensive community outreach plan beginning with an open-house style stakeholder visioning workshop with a guided assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition, Dan worked with SJTPO and the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition to develop and deploy a comprehensive online survey to collect data on trails in South Jersey. Based on this information Dan led an iterative design process to develop a series of brand assets. In addition, Dan conducted a site analysis of several of the region's most robust trails. 



Working closely with a design team UCS produced a logo and tagline consistent with the look, feel and culture of South Jersey.  In addition, UCS lead the development of brand standards around sign typologies, maps and trail markers.  In addition to the brand assets, UCS built a communications strategy to deploy the new brand and identified a series of long and short-term projects to build out a regional trail network.  


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